Baitak Ghana

Half my day was spent recovering from yesterday’s challenge. In the morning, suffering from a bleeding headache, I put the pictures I made of the FFWD online and I spent a some time in the afternoon to create the BabaCam.

Also, Betsy and I visited Jim’s new house where he was celebrating his 26th birthday.
A wannabe coolie, he loves everything related to Suriname so, once more, we enjoyed a good Baitak Ghana (‘making music while sitting down’) with more Hindustani people than you can shake a stick at, or two.
Jim’s girlfriend was a bit annoyed with Jim. He had told her that, maybe, as much as 12 people would show up when, in fact, over 50 men, women and children made their way to the Jim and Oesha residence to enjoy a decent helping of food, drinks and dance.

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