At home again

After watching 'Changing Lanes' with Betsy (a terrible movie), Betsy was flipping channels as I was preparing to go upstairs and do some work. She was zapping past some semi-reality show and I realised that today's offerings on TV are just an extension of the adagio of the old Fluxus movement from the 60s and seventies.
Fluxus' mantra was that 'Everything is art and everyone's an artist.' I like that. Today's television networks' mantra seems to be that 'Everything is interesring and everyone's a specialist.' I don't like it at all. It makes television VERY boring.

Puppetry of the penis

The day before, for Betsy's birthday, we went to see a couple of Ozzies doing tricks with, yes, their penises. Reasonably funny, if not painful.

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