A wedding in Bahia

The beaches of Morro
From above
Ready to roll
Sun, sea, sand
On the beach
Some are created more equal
Cosy pools
Posing for a picture
I found myself a nice cushion
Happy and wet
Natalia and Babak
Entry to Morro
There's a burdens in my brain
Dinner time

Spending a week on the coast in Bahia, which included three days for a wedding, is a pleasant way to while away the time. North of Salvador, the original Portuguese capital of Brazil, it is upmarket tourism. South of Salvador, where a collection of tropical islands make for pleasant hideaways, tourism is more backpacker oriented.

After the wedding, Natalia had to head back home, I had wanted to avoid Morro de São Paulo, the most popular destination directly south of Salvador. But, transport being slow and time consuming, I gave in.
Thankfully, even Morro isn't too touristy. As a functioning little town, the number of restaurants and hotels though huge, are alternated with schools and other functional buildings. And, of the four beaches around the little town, all within easy walking distance, two are pleasantly quiet.
At one of them, an enterprising young man sells fish feed. You can lounge in the warm water and feed the tropical fishes, who will snap at your fingers if you're not careful.

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