01 January 2001

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Inside the WTC Babak Geyser taking off Self indulgence Babak Nighttime in New York Writing your own cloud Milano central train station Jason Geeks at work... or is it play? Jaap Geeks Going crazy Geeks The largest organ in the world Jean Nighttime in New York Jean WTC in the distance Milano central train station Tim Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milano central train station Milano central train station Elisa Brooklyn bridge and the World Trade towers Babak Yellow and white Geeks Skyline of New York Snowscape Looking back at Manhattan Viking ship Babak bowling Peter Jean Occupancy by more than 3525 persons is dangerous & unlawful WTC Tomas Tim In the middle: J. J. Rawlings Francois Francois Geeks Tomas Baby geek Christ was a puppet The Guggenheim museum Frozen waterfall Shipped Waiting to bubble Abstract cloud Through the fence Mother and son New years dive Dark church Not going well? Francois Francois Stophe Stairs going up or down Brooklyn bridge Brooklyn bridge The Guggenheim The sun going down Dry as ice Abstract ship Thin as an iron Frozen waterfall Sheep! The original geyser Icy Colored seating The audience Stretch limo Whats outside Jason? Spot the animal Statue of liberty Streets of New York Police line do not cross Grand central Nice fountain Statuesque Flags of the world On the streets of New York In the water Close to the gate View from the WTC towers Going up Signs Two oranges Tomas The largest organ in the world Babak Streets of NY WTC Streets of New York Streets of New York Tree In the colonade Clochard? Jumping for oranges The tree wants more Streets of Silves Lisbon Mercado del Arenal Odd chairs Grave Skyhigh Coffee break Powerrrrrr


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After obtaining an M. Sc in maths, Babak Fakhamzadeh started with an office job at a major blue chip company but soon realised he'd do better on his own. Babak is a traveling web guru with a penchant for doing good and a love for visual and experimental art. Together with Eduardo Cachucho, he won the World Summit Award in the m-Tourism and Culture category in 2012 for Dérive app. With Ismail Farouk, he won the Highway Africa new media award in 2007 for Soweto Uprisings . com. Check out Babak's CV.


Babak is currently in Brasil.
+55 219 6557 5388 (Brasil)

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