01 Jun 2007 | We can not continue to die like this

Beware of open graves

Ismail Farouk and I made a stop motion movie and selected four stills from the video to add to this work. It's for sale and on display at posi+ive.

Ismail also put the four works online at Flickr here. He also has some background info on his site here.

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Beware of open graves


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After obtaining an M. Sc in maths, Babak Fakhamzadeh started with an office job at a major blue chip company but soon realised he'd do better on his own. Babak is a traveling web guru with a penchant for doing good and a love for visual and experimental art. Together with Eduardo Cachucho, he won the World Summit Award in the m-Tourism and Culture category in 2012 for Dérive app. With Ismail Farouk, he won the Highway Africa new media award in 2007 for Soweto Uprisings . com. Check out Babak's CV.


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