Where not to book your hotels

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Always on the lookout for places to book affordable accommodation for when traveling, I still only use the BookHostels booking engine, as well as the HotelsCombined comparison engine, both (once) available on this very site. Nevertheless, I try to find alternatives, specifically because for some more out of the way places, it’s not always easy to find affordable places to stay before you go there.

So I checked out the fairly new and most certainly purdy looking roomstays, which claims to offer discount hotel reservations. Not wanting to throw it off the deep end, I first looked for hotels in Dar. 
I was not impressed. roomstays only returns the expensive hotels, the cheapest one being the Holiday Inn at a mere 135 USD per night. To compare, the BookHostels engine returns 11 locations, all cheaper, several under 20 euros per night. Even HotelsCombined, which typically doesn’t focus on budget accommodation, also has the Holiday Inn as its cheapest search result, but only charges 84 euros, which, according to Google, is 106 USD at the moment.

A bad start indeed. Perhaps roomstays does better for a more conventional location, say, Milan. Roomstays’ cheapest rate, here, comes down to 69 USD. However, HotelsCombined lists over a dozen cheaper hotels, as does BookHostels.

It’s obvious. Don’t use roomstays.com.

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