Array ( [total] => 5 [pageSize] => 24 [page] => 0 [results] => Array ( [780] => Array ( [iID] => 780 [tTitle] => Asking the specialists [tSlug] => asking-the-specialists [iTime] => 1219096800 [iUpdate] => 1219096800 [tDescription] => After missing breakfast, I headed out to Berkeley, where the University of California has more Nobel prize winners than you can shake a science curriculum at. In Berkeley, just across the bay from San Francisco, you can also find the Cafe Mediteraneum, which claims to be the place where the cafe latte was invented in the 1950s. Whether that's true or not, their sandwiches are very decent. And there's also a Revolution bookstore, where I had an interesting chat with David ("Daveed") on the future of communism and the benefits (or not) of a communist revolution, though his and his colleague's fascination for Stalin where a bit unhealthy. Indeed, this chain of bookstores are, in a way, the party offices of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. In the evening, I headed down into SoMa (South of Market), to the Axis cafe, where Zeke Kossover did a show called Ask a scientist. A bit like doing science-based 'magic' tricks. The place was packed and everyone loved it, as if Zeke was a bit of a celebrity. [iCategory] => 12 [tURL] => [iViews] => 2707 [iClicks] => 0 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 799 [iOldID] => 1153 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1461980104 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => default [iHideMap] => 0 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 3 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => 37.8735 [fLongitude] => -122.258 [tLocation] => La Campanille [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Blog [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 12 [categories] => Array ( [12] => Array ( [iID] => 12 [tName] => Blog [tSlug] => blog [tDescription] => Find my upcoming travel plans over at Dopplr and a listing of major (and some minor) travelogues over on the travelogues section. [iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20080819 ) [526] => Array ( [iID] => 526 [tTitle] => Photomarathon exhibition; hash in Jo'burg; talk at Wits [tSlug] => photomarathon-exhibition-hash-in-joburg-talk-at-wits [iTime] => 1173913200 [iUpdate] => 1173913200 [tDescription] => Tonight saw the opening of the exhibition of the first African photomarathon, at The Bag Factory. As we had quite a struggle to get the winning images enlarged, forexed (mounted) and framed, the last few days ended up being extremely hectic. But with a bit of help today, not in the least from lovely Betsy, we managed to get everything up and running at just after 5.30 in the afternoon. And considering we were opening the show at 5:30, it really wasn't a minute too soon. Hash Last Saturday, Betsy and I set the Pretoria hash near our home, in Jo'burg. In the afternoon, in the bleeding sun, I got to set the run while Betsy was creating a Surinamese/Dutch dish for the after party. Then, a few hours later, I got to run the route again, while Betsy was driving around, making sure everyone would get a decent and fresh drink at the halfway beer stop. Talk at Wits The day before the hash, I had a talk with Ismail Farouk at Wits university about Soweto uprisings . com. Invited by Christo Doherty, the 90 minute presentation was actually a double bill, the other half being a talk by Daniel Hirschmann, a South African artist who talked about some musical steps he created at the centre Pompidou in Paris. 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[iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20070315 ) [878] => Array ( [iID] => 878 [tTitle] => A weekend to chill [tSlug] => a-weekend-to-chill [iTime] => 1018044000 [iUpdate] => 1018044000 [tDescription] => After a very busy week in Holland, I clearly needed the relaxation that I attained during my first weekend of travel, slowly moving in the direction of St. Maarten. Not only did I sleep quite a bit, possibly offending Stephanie for her having to let dinner wait around for a whole two hours after I had fallen asleep on the couch on Saturday, I also didn't really do much on the three days before starting work at Geekcorps. I guess I can consider myself lucky for having visited New York before, only a year ago, when I basically saw everything there was to see. The only thing, of course, that was yet uncharted was ground zero, the former location of the WTC towers. I had planned to go there on Saturday, so that I would move to North Adams on Sunday evening but Stephanie convinced me I should come to North Adams on Saturday, mainly because there was some lawn party going on that was supposed to be great. Although we headed for the party, it turned out Stephanie hadn't brought the address, and we asked several people in the right street if they knew where it was, but without luck. Not that much of a bummer, as it turned out; when we got home, Steph went for a nap and I fell asleep on the couch, waking up some four hours later. Two hours after Stephanie had prepared dinner. Still, in NYC, I was able to see the lights shining from ground zero, replacing the WTC towers, from afar. I have to say that, although I'm generally not very impressed with American sentimentalism, this "monument" seemed quite appropriate, two large beams of light shining very high into the night sky. The two lights also played a trick on the eyes: although the lights shine straight up, looking up, it seemed as if they were shining at an angle, coming towards the viewer. Saturday morning I mostly spent enjoying breakfast. Two eggs with spinach and feta, home fries, toast, orange juice and a puddle of coffee. The hostel I first had wanted to stay at, the same I had staid at a year before, didn't have free beds, and I had to call around quite a bit to find me a new place to stay. I ended up on 145th street, a major 60 streets to the north of the other hostel, right in the middle of Harlem. The good part was that although the first hostel was packed, the room I got in the second was able to accommodate 12 people with only two beds used.
Breakfast at the "Two Star" was good. Not in the least because of the people that frequented the place. If you've ever seen a Spike Lee movie, you basically know how it goes. Mostly black guys, although the place was run by Hispanics, frequenting the coffee house; "Hey man, haya doin'", "Yadaman", etc. Great to watch. Something that I already noticed the night before struck me again as odd: Apparently, the US' higher degree of individualism, as compared to Europe, seems to make for badly dressed people. Many people seem to want to set themselves apart from the crowd and resort to really awful clothes; not just baggy pants, but big sacks. Not just low hanging trousers, but trousers with seemingly no existing legs; terribly dressed hair, piercings in the weirdest places, caps on teeth and more. On Sunday, I got another feel of this heightened individualism, when I went to the video store with Stephanie to pick up a movie. She went on to the gym, to workout for an hour, I went back home to start on dinner, jacket potatoes. Steph thought the potatoes needed to be in the oven for half an hour or so, I figured they needed to be heated for at least an hour. At some point, she mentioned that I could start early with dinner if I really wanted to and I almost snorted that I could never do that and should wait for her. "Oh, you're so sweet!" Is it me, or is this just plain decency? Friday night I had met Kerri Mahoney, although only for 15 minutes or so. Kerri was on the third group of geeks, where I was on the second. We were going to have a couple of beers together, but it didn't totally work out. We had about half a beer bacause she had a dinner date somewhere else. Still, it was quite a bit of fun and I didn't really mind anyway, since I was dead tired. When I walked back to the right subway station, I came across a coffee house selling Bulgin' waffles, probably a reference to Belgian waffles. I went in and ordered a coffee and a really good blueberry muffin, almost immediately hearing a group of Dutch guys sitting in the corner. On a regular day, I would probably have gone up and talked to them. Now, I was so tired I really didn't feel like it. Even when one of the guys came up to me and asked if he could use The Times that someone had left on my table, I didn't let it show I was Dutch. Still, it was a lost cause since my sweater, telling the world in larger then life letters I was from the Technical University of Delft, gave it all away. When I went to the bathroom, one guy from the group asked me how it was that I was wearing such a sweater. We started talking and it turned out that they had just come from Boston, where they had staid with a friend. A guy that lived in Brussels when I lived there, who's from my university and whom was in the same student organization as I was. A small world indeed. 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The website of a close group of friends. A lookback of a lookback (2005) Five years ago, at my fraternity's 15 year anniversary, we created a book with stories and pictures from those 15 years. Now, five years later, it's time for another anniversary. A digital copy of the book was no longer available. I scanned the pages, OCRd the stories, found the pictures that hadn't been corrupted on my hard drive and uploaded the remains. The microsite of the book was taken offline in mid 2008. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 14110 [iClicks] => 856 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 561 [iOldID] => 219 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462174079 [iHot] => 6 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 1 [iFullImage] => 2 [fLatitude] => 51.9228 [fLongitude] => 4.45848 [tLocation] => Woongroep Buitensporig [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=219 ) [587] => Array ( [iID] => 587 [tTitle] => GlobalJungle [tSlug] => globaljungle [iTime] => 977094000 [iUpdate] => 977094000 [tDescription] => From early 2001, I worked for a few months, through Geekcorps in Ghana. Before heading out, I spent new year's with family in Portugal. Why? All this might be interesting, I hear you say, but what might be the reason for this absurd combination of travel literature and web design? Luckily, it's not that hard. I like to think of myself as a traveling man. In practice, it means that the traveling is very often interrupted by large stints of the plain old office job. However, I had plans, mid 2000, to change all that. Making a plan Already when I still studied at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, a feeling had been creeping up on me that I might very much feel like starting my own company. Living in the Netherlands, on the wrong side of the Internet Boom, time wise and geographically, I had no idea what my company would do. I started working for Procter & Gamble, in Brussels, Belgium. It soon became clear that Procter & Gamble wasn't my perfect environment. Sure, I was working in international teams filled with intelligent people, but a couple of things felt wrong. Not only was the incentive to innovate missing, many (older) people mainly seemed primarily to focus on how they could cover their ass. These people were working in a company that had a global impact and they themselves couldn't comprehend even a fraction of a global picture. Nor, as it seemed, did the company as a whole. When two friends of mine, who had started a company back in 1996, told me they were now looking for their first men for hire, I jumped in and became the first employee of Bi-Cycle. Making plans At Bi-Cycle, my task was twofold. As salesman, I had to cover the UK; as a web developer, I had to design, build and implement the company's website. Both were rather interesting, but at some point I concluded that selling the company's software package to large players in the process industry wasn't my 'thing'. When it was hinted at that I was going to be offered a position in our upcoming office in the US, having to focus on sales, I figured it was time to move on again. Feelings of starting my own company started creeping up on me again. In the past couple of years, I had grown a passion for web design and web development, something I really enjoy to do, still. I was going to try and make a living as an independent web developer An other side of the coin Already for years I believe that, as a more fortunate member of our society, I should spend time building opportunities for the less fortunate or support people in a way that can improve their life. I have been a blood donor for almost 10 years now and when I was living in Belgium I was a volunteer on a suicide helpline. Only after touring through South Eastern Europe for a week and building a house together with Habitat for Humanity, for a married couple in Beius, Romania, did I realize that there is so much more to be done in the world where I can make a difference. I had decided to finish my job at Bi-Cycle come December 31, 2000. In October I received an invitation from a company called Geekcorps to do a phone interview for their next project, in Ghana. Early November, I was asked to join. In order to go, I had to be able to be in the US mid January 2001. Because It was an easy decision; being a freelance web designer just would have to wait a little bit longer. And whatever, I was supposed to be doing 'my thing' in Ghana anyway. This was going to be like a six month holiday. Or not quite, this was going to be like a six month holiday, where I would learn a lifetime. Get involved If you're interested to do similar work as I did in Ghana, you can start by looking at the Geekcorps website. You can also look at similar organizations, such as VSO and Habitat. However, if you 'just' want to get involved in some humanitarian plan, chances are that your neighborhoods or city is filled with organizations looking for passionate individuals like yourself [iCategory] => 12 [tURL] => [iViews] => 9184 [iClicks] => 0 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 561 [iOldID] => 959 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462104647 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => default [iHideMap] => 0 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 32 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => 51.9228 [fLongitude] => 4.45848 [tLocation] => Woongroep Buitensporig [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Blog [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 12 [categories] => Array ( [12] => Array ( [iID] => 12 [tName] => Blog [tSlug] => blog [tDescription] => Find my upcoming travel plans over at Dopplr and a listing of major (and some minor) travelogues over on the travelogues section. 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