12 March 2012

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Is that a duck face I see before me? Todd on the pier From below In Brighton Cuffs Skewered Setting it up Huh! Cute Kiss Mom and dad Couple Fe Whose place are you staying at tonight? At work Quick, get them! Wongs Holding up the building Inger, Felicia, Todd The couple Covered From below Just married Stink eye What did I get myself into? Covered Oh confetti, you so funny All together now Hahaha! Hug Fe Let me tell you, missy Dad It puts its autograph right there The book The sign Right there Hold it Hold that for me Ring Looking at her A long story short Laughing Three How many Wongs is that?! Snow in March The kiss! Kisses This just in Well done, Dan, well done Hug Todd, Dan Swab Big hug Todd, Liz Crush Many Pages Alls forgiven! Inger Mom The enforcer Sure, what am I actually signing? Checkup At the table Signing Sitting down That look At the table How much longer do we have to listen to this? Nadine Talking The ring Let me get that Ok, well wait Preperation Ian Outing Felicia, Ian Laugh Dabbing Out there Couple Wongs Alternating Grab Hug Smiling Ceremony On the side Frontal In the room On the pier A happy couple Togetherness Shellfish! Dont let go Spotted In front Fe Wut? Hugs all around Hold it Spotted the paparazzi Getting ready We came to dance Felicia In the middle Ill stuff your face! The cake was so solid, it needed two people to cut it Thats not a knife I wanna hold your hand The obligatory pose with the wedding cake Inger Caught in the act Planning Photobomber at work Let me go up there Outside Laugh Lets turn a Page Mixed In admiration Family With dad Correction Upgrading Recovered from the onslaught The waiting game Moms Meetup Hug Empty Incoming Felicia on the pier Which way is your marriage heading? Left or right FIt for a presidential couple Stately Pascal, Rick, Nadine Rick Guns ablaze Shoot Let me see Hugg Hes THIS big Let me catch that Three girls Is it a bird? Happy dad Victor and daughter Shock Not in the mood Victor and Pascal Babak and Pascal Happy faces Victor All smiles On the sides Happy Together Smiling Wondering girls Wide Inger, mom and dad Smiling Kisses all around Hugs Sweet Todd Couples First dance Who is that great photographer? Rick and Pascal Erika Everyone look away! Robin and Anna Kidding Two Mom! I phone Todd and Felicia Contemplating the future Sunset Look at him! Look at her! Wait Spotted Sweet Its a sign Dance Fe Smiles Here, eat this You cant trust a woman with anything! There can be only one No French was spoken Dad Dan Now, look at this one On the steps

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After obtaining an M. Sc in maths, Babak Fakhamzadeh started with an office job at a major blue chip company but soon realised he'd do better on his own. Babak is a traveling web guru with a penchant for doing good and a love for visual and experimental art. Together with Eduardo Cachucho, he won the World Summit Award in the m-Tourism and Culture category in 2012 for Dérive app. With Ismail Farouk, he won the Highway Africa new media award in 2007 for Soweto Uprisings . com. Check out Babak's CV.


Babak is currently in Brasil.
+55 219 6557 5388 (Brasil)

November 2014