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It's been a while in the making, but finally, it's here: Irsia. Irsia is an ASP (Active Server Pages) based, database driven CMS (Content Management System) for any kind and size of website. The core feature of Irsia.com is that it's based on objects and relationships.


Information which you manage through Irsia.com is stored in objects. Users can create as many different types of objects as they like: pages, stories, chapters, cities, keywords, etc. Objects have a number of standard features (such as title, number and creation date) and can be assigned any other feature, relevant to your particular needs. Be it a description, a URL, an imagelink, a color, etc.


Objects have relationships with eachother, allowing for any kind of complexity within a website. A relationship can be hierarchical (perfect for a website, think of the breadcrumbs you often encounter near the top of webpages) or of any kind defined by the user. Examples could be 'Author', 'Friend', 'Is located near', etc..

And work flow too

Additionally, there are two different types of users defined within Irsia: Administrators and regular users. This setup allows for managing on- and off-line content which is already stored on the website but only viewable when authorised by an administrator.

Multiple languages

Irsia also makes it possible to store multilingual content in one system. If you're managing multilingual content with, for example, identical articles in different languages, Irsia.com can help you out. All objects and all properties can be assigned a language of your choice. If only it would also translate your texts...

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