18 Nov 2003 | Angry and sad


Today my main PC seems to have died due to a hardware failure. It's about a year old and already it can't stand life anymore.
I suppose I should be happy for using Linux on that system, since, if my hard drives are still in order, my data is still safe. Yippie.

I can't boot the system anymore. That is, it occasionally boots, but hangs after only a few minutes. Not enough to port the data to another system for backup. Great, huh.
So this probably means lots of expensive maintenance. Great, since I'm currently as rich as the Rothshields.

Meanwhile, Betsy and I started on our final week of Shona. Only three more lessons left, but don't expect us to be fluent after Friday. We'll merely be less helpless.


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After obtaining an M. Sc in maths, Babak Fakhamzadeh started with an office job at a major blue chip company but soon realised he'd do better on his own. Babak is often on the move, with a restless desire for travel, a penchant for doing good and a love for visual and experimental art. Together with Eduardo Cachucho, he won the World Summit Award in the m-Tourism and Culture category in 2012 for Dérive app. With Ismail Farouk, he won the Highway Africa new media award in 2007 for Soweto Uprisings . com. Check out Babak's CV.

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